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Workshop Insights

A workshop was conducted on 27th June 2019 in DPS Civil Lines, Aligarh on the topic – Classroom Management and Effective Teaching Methodology. This workshop was organised by Scholastic India Publication. The resource person of the training program was Ms Rashmita Rao. It was an endeavour on the part of our school authorities to keep the teachers abreast of latest strategies to manage the 21st century classroom environment effectively.

Right in the beginning through session, it was told that with changing times, the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom have also changed and the need to develop and implement rules and procedures to tackle the same is of utmost importance. During this session many activities were arranged to engage the teachers and to teach them about team work and how to involve the students into various activities in teaching-learning process in the classroom. A few PPTs were also shown to know more about the topic. Many techniques were shared to the teachers to handle the students well in the classroom.

The workshop ended with Principal’s words as the purpose of it was to encourage the teachers to enrich themselves in the art of teaching. She also introduced the new appointees. Hence, the workshop was a successful one.

IIMUN WORKSHOP DATE – 4th April 2019

Delhi Public School, Civil Lines had organized a workshop to introduce the platform of Model United Nations (MUN) with the support of India’s International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN). IIMUN is a movement to implement IIMUN Actionable Goals while bearing cognizance of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. It aims to galvanize the youth to start taking an initiative in combating problems on an individual level, thereby moving from a mundane classroom discussion and bringing tangible change in an honest attempt to making this a border less world.

The resource persons Mr. Nishant Shah, Ms. Jhanvi Jain and Ms. Heeya, from IIMUN visited and conducted the workshop for the students of classes VII to XII in school premises. Their main objective is to introduce about their movement. They also invited our school to be a part of IIMUN Conference Hathras which will be held from 20th April’19 to 21st April’19 at BLS International School, Hathras. The students were excited to have an opportunity to attend a global platform to discuss international issues and agenda.


Delhi Public School Civil Lines, Aligarh in association with E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur has organised ‘Techvriddhi – 2018”, A national level championship which comprises of a plethora of events and competitions in diverse fields of Robotics and Aerospace. It offers the students the opportunity to get the hands-on experience of programming and developing the mini robotic machines capable of taking their own decisions and also developing the quadcopter using electronics and aerospace technology that has a diversified application in modern era of security and surveillance.

The resource persons Mr. Amit Mishra and Mr. Narendra Bhatt, the faculties of E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur visited and conducted both the workshops in the school. Apart from DPS Civil Lines the students of DPS Hathras has also actively participated in both the workshops.

At the end of two days workshop a technology based quiz competition was organised and the winners along with all the participants received the merit and participation certificate. The winners of both the workshops will be visiting IIT Kharagpur in the last week of January 2018.


Delhi Public School Civil Lines, Aligarh offers its teachers the opportunity to enhance their skills as efficient teachers in handling special children. Students either with special needs or in the adolescence period, need special care and affection.
Ms. Anita Saxena was appointed to attend the workshop at Ambience Public School New Delhi. The resource persons were the experts in the concerned field.
For Adolescent Health Issues, resource persons were, Dr. Jane McGrath, MD a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico and Dr. Sameer Malhotra, Director, Department of behavioral Sciences, Max Healthcare.

A motivational interviewing approach, addressing health risk behaviours, assessment for depression and anxiety, adolescent confidentiality and engaging teens in their own healthcare were the topics discussed during the session.
The session was an interactive one related to the health issues of adolescents.
For Management of students with Autism spectrum disorders, the resource persons Dr. Catherine McClain, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and the Medical Director for the Centre for Development and Disability in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico and Ms. Patricial Osbourn, the Deputy Director and Director of the Autism Program at the Centre for the Development & Disability in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico, discussed the Behaviour Strategies, Recognizing ASD in classroom and accommodation for students with ASD.
The session was activity based and very interactive. The resource persons shared many valuable experiences and suggested measures to make these students comfortable in the inclusive learning environment.

WORKSHOP ON CCE Mentoring and Experience Sharing Workshop

The Mentoring and Monitoring Unit of CBSE organized a CCE Mentoring and Experience Sharing Workshop on 13 May 2016 at Krishna International School, Aligarh.

The workshop included the various initiatives taken by CBSE including the CCE implementation. The objectives of the workshop were to enable the Mentors to acquire the ability to:

  • Follow the process for effective Mentoring and Monitoring as suggested by CBSE.
  • Use tools to assess the quality of implementation of CCE.
  • Monitor various facets such as Classroom Transaction, Formative Assessments, Record Keeping, assessing Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas by using the prescribed tools and provide ways of effective feedback.
  • Address concerns relating to assessment of students in Co- Scholastic areas.
  • Provide timely support to the teachers of schools mentored in challenging situations.

Mrs Monica Kapoor (Joint Director CBSE Workshop) & Mr Shekhar Chandra (Asst. Secretary CBSE Regional Office, Dehradun) were the resource persons. Principal Mrs. Neena Newar, who attended the workshop reported that this initiative by CBSE was very enriching one as it updated the heads of the schools with effective monitoring and mentoring measures required to be taken to make CCE worthwhile in the real sense.


The Early Childhood Care Education – ECCE Early Childhood is an important stage of education of the children to address the developmental needs and requirements in the age group between three to five years.

It was the XVI batch of ECCE programme; scheduled for thirteen days (from 7th Dec, 2015 to 19th Dec, 2015) conducted by the DPS society, at HRDC centre, Dwarka New Delhi.

It was the inaugurated by the chief guest Prof. B P Khandelwal, Dr. Sharda Manocha, (Joint Director, HRDC, DPS society) who welcomed the 22 participants from different DPS schools by giving an overview of the ECCE programme and highlighting its aims and objectives.

The resource person Dr. Renu Gulati (Associate professor, IHE, Delhi University) gave the session on the domains of children’s development (Physical, Social, Emotional and Cognitive).

The whole programme ended with a beautiful feeling of togetherness, harmony and team spirit. The teachers were equipped to take a new path full of creative ideas, enthusiasm and encouragement to try new ways of teaching learning process.


In order to make learning Science in the middle school more enjoyable and constructive, a three day enrichment programme entitled – ‘Exploring with Science’ was organized at HRD Centre, DPS Dwarka. It intended to address the new flow of information and to channelize the information to benefit the students.

The programme started with the welcome of guest Prof. Vinay Gupta, Delhi University, by Mr. Anupal Sagar, Joint Director HRDC DPS Society. Mr. Vinay Gupta emphasized on the latest technologies of Physics such as energy harvesting, nanotechnology, illusion by reflection, piezoelectricity etc. He advised to make the subject interesting by connecting the concepts with daily life examples which can lead to the holistic development of students of the middle school.

Mr. Awesh Kumar Mathur DPS Faridabad, provided the participants hands-on experience on various experiments in chemistry like photochemical reaction, sublimation, electrolysis, reduction and oxidation with simple aids that are available even at homes.


A workshop on personality development was organized at DPS, Civil Lines, Aligarh in which principal and all the teachers participated. Ms. Nitika Sudha, the resource person gave a good presentation highlighting the basic traits required for personality development. The basic traits highlighted in the workshop were public speaking, building confidence, leadership attributes etc. All the participants enjoyed the workshop with full enthusiasm.


The old method of raising and teaching children by punishing them on small pretext, which came from an autocratic society, is no longer effective in a democratic setting. We have to learn new forms of dealing with children because our relationships have changed. The teacher student relationships in the past were ones of dominance and submission. Today, equality is the only basis on which we will ever be able to effectively solve discipline problems.

Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh believes in this fact and is making its teachers sensitive and aware about handling disciplinary issues without corporal punishment. In this regard a workshop was organized in the school by Pearson Education where CBSE resource person Ms. Neelam Sanwalka who is in the panel of CBSE resource persons, made the teachers realize that disciplinary issues can easily be handled without punishment. Teachers need to develop a rapport among the students and should have a better understanding. Students need to realize the difference between right and wrong through moral values.

Workshop on Dyscalculia and Mathematical Learning Difficulties

The workshop on Dyscalculia was held on 2 and 3 February 2016 by Mr. Kabir Bhogilal, the training facilitator with his campaign motto – Learning ability is better than Learning disability. He started the session with his belief that each and every child has a unique quality and judging a child only by exams results will never show their true potential and their capabilities.

Mr. Steve Chinn, the resource expert explained Developmental Dyscalculia in terms of KOSC (1974), BRONNER (1917). He also explained the problems faced by children in number sense and how to develop number and operation sense, and place value. He discussed strategies for assessing the basic addition and subtraction facts, the pre-requisites. Multiplication facts: Rote learning and alternative strategies.


In the series of workshops being conducted to enhance and update the teaching skills and pronunciations of the teachers, workshop on Phonetics was arranged by Harper Collins Publications on 08.01.16 in the school. Resource person Ms. Deepanvita Purkayastha explained the importance of the knowledge of Phonetics for students as well as for teachers. Phonetics help to pronounce and spell the words correctly. The workshop was very interesting and activity based. The teachers felt overwhelmed with the opportunity to attend such skill enhancing workshop.

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