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International School Award

ISA Activity

The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:a. Nurturing global citizenship in young peopleb. Enriching teaching and learningISA is a leadership challenge and fosters teambuilding, innovation, and project management. Putting together the Action Plan and the Portfolio of evidence encourages collaboration and critical thinking. Keeping the staff motivated and enthusiastic through the year puts the head teacher and ISA coordinator’s leadership skills to test. There is little doubt that good leadership is second only to good teaching in raising standards in schoolsISA allows learning to end on a positive note with the head teacher and the ISA team receiving individual certificates from the British Council when the school achieves the award. Achieving the award is not the end of the journey. The schools and teachers involved in ISA may remain engaged with the British Council programmes beyond the assessment year.DPS Aligarh has registered with the British Council to provide a platform to its students to realised the international and global learning. ISA (International School Award) is one of the major step into the direction.We are working on our action plan to meet the benchmark in order to get this award.

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Action Plan
1 Forests of The World (In House) Classes IV & V April (2 weeks)
2 Fruits With Healing Touch (On Line) Classes I & II July (3 weeks)
3 Life in Developed, Under Developed and Developing Countries (In House) Class IX July (2 weeks)
4 The World of Yesterday (In House) Class VIII August (2 weeks)
5 Explorers of The World (Collaborative) Class VII October (2 weeks)
6 Festival of the World (Collaborative) Classe III November (2 weeks)
7 Royal Families (Collaborative) Class VI November (2 weeks)

Photo Gallery
ISA Ceremony by British Council 2019-20