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Workshop Insights

“You can’t always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what troubles you within.”

In today’s competitive world where everything operates on a global basis it is hard to cope with the pressure both on the professional and social front. In order to enable the teachers to handle stress more effectively, the capacity Building Program on Stress Management was organised at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh by the CBSE, Centre of Excellence NOIDA.

Mr. Kapil Sharma was the resource person at the workshop. He, not only helped the teachers to understand the concept of stress, but also discussed about various psychological, emotional and physical effects emerging out of them. Through various case studies discussed by different groups of teachers, the workshop became more educative and entertaining. The resource person from CBSE also elaborated the set of techniques that help in managing stress more effectively. The workshop was quite informative, educative and interactive.

52 teachers from different schools participated in the workshop; they got benefitted and discussed their queries with the Resource person. There were many activities conducted to help the individual to manage their stress.

The Principal Ms Rajani Singh also emphasized that the educators should be stress free because they are the Nation builders and Mentors for the future generation.


An Interactive session and orientation programme was organised for the parents of the aspiring children to get admission in Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh. Mr Rahul Tripathi, from Kriti Publication, conducted extremely interactive session for the parents and briefed about the uniqueness of DPS culture. The emphasis was laid on the Horward Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence and the way different students are taken care by the educators as each child in the possesses a significant level of intelligence. He began with an icebreaking activity, which proved the different intellectual abilities we possess. Parents enthusiastically took part in all the activities and games planned for them.

The Principal, Mrs. Rajani Singh, welcomed the parents with the famous quote of Albert Einstein- “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” She further accentuated the vision and mission of Delhi Public School in her address which attracted the eyes of prospective parents.


Fill your child’s life with experience, not things.
Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Here is what the students learn through experience is more important than theory. Working in the art helps the learner to develop creative thinking, language skills, social skills, decision making power, risk taking and inventiveness.

To achieve above skills, a workshop on ”Arts Integrated Learning” was organized by Delhi Public School Civil lines, Aligarh on 30th November to understand the concept of art that it is not something which is just one curricular area rather it is the best pedagogical tool which can make teaching learning process meaningful and enjoyable. All the teacher educators from DPS participated in the programme. It was Coordinated by Dr, Hema Ramanathan from Indianna Learning Publication.

The workshop was designed with the objectives to:-

  • learn that any topic/subject can be taught by various interesting and exciting ways so that the child becomes the part of the teaching learning process and not a mere collector of knowledge from various sources.
  • to draw linkage between art and everyday life.
  • to make education a two way process where the role of a teacher becomes that of a facilitator and the whole scenario is learner centered
  • to make art as a key pedagogical strategy to enhance student learning and development.
  • to provide students with an opportunity to combine theory and practice in a real-world, deepening students knowledge and understanding, and enhancing artistic capabilities.

Different activities and play were included in the workshop to fulfill the above objectives. The participant teachers took active part in the programme as was evident in their enthusiasm, their involvement in all the activities, their active response as well as the cooperation, discipline and punctuality throughout the programme. The workshop concluded with the vote of thanks given by Mr. Saad Khan. It remained a successful one.


“WORLD RESTART A HEART DAY” was observed at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh on October 11, 2019. The members of ISA (Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists) from the department of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care, JNMedical College, AMU Aligarh, Prof. Syed Moied Ahmed, Dr. Shahna Ali, Dr. Monazir Athar and Dr. Hassan gave a demonstration on this occasion on CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) to prepare ‘A life Saver in Every Home’. Students of class IX and X attended the workshop and learnt about CPR, an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions. It is an effort to take measures manually to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest. Students were told the steps of COLS (Cardiac Only for Life Support) which are easy to remember and perform.


A workshop was conducted on 27th June 2019 in DPS Civil Lines, Aligarh on the topic – Classroom Management and Effective Teaching Methodology. This workshop was organised by Scholastic India Publication. The resource person of the training program was Ms Rashmita Rao. It was an endeavour on the part of our school authorities to keep the teachers abreast of latest strategies to manage the 21st century classroom environment effectively.

Right in the beginning through session, it was told that with changing times, the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom have also changed and the need to develop and implement rules and procedures to tackle the same is of utmost importance. During this session many activities were arranged to engage the teachers and to teach them about team work and how to involve the students into various activities in teaching-learning process in the classroom. A few PPTs were also shown to know more about the topic. Many techniques were shared to the teachers to handle the students well in the classroom.

The workshop ended with Principal’s words as the purpose of it was to encourage the teachers to enrich themselves in the art of teaching. She also introduced the new appointees. Hence, the workshop was a successful one.

IIMUN WORKSHOP DATE – 4th April 2019

Delhi Public School, Civil Lines had organized a workshop to introduce the platform of Model United Nations (MUN) with the support of India’s International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN). IIMUN is a movement to implement IIMUN Actionable Goals while bearing cognizance of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. It aims to galvanize the youth to start taking an initiative in combating problems on an individual level, thereby moving from a mundane classroom discussion and bringing tangible change in an honest attempt to making this a border less world.

The resource persons Mr. Nishant Shah, Ms. Jhanvi Jain and Ms. Heeya, from IIMUN visited and conducted the workshop for the students of classes VII to XII in school premises. Their main objective is to introduce about their movement. They also invited our school to be a part of IIMUN Conference Hathras which will be held from 20th April’19 to 21st April’19 at BLS International School, Hathras. The students were excited to have an opportunity to attend a global platform to discuss international issues and agenda.