Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh: Best ISO certified CBSE School in India. “We Believe in the Power of Your Dreams”
Tala Nagri, Ramghat Road,
P.O. Box: Aligarh
Principal’s Message

Everybody is a Genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid… Albert Einstein

Rajani Singh

– Rajani Singh, “Principal, DPS Civil Lines (Aligarh)”

Dear Parents

Welcome to DPS Civil Lines!

We all know that childhood, pristine and blissful, is the best phase in the ever turning wheel of life. Education certainly plays an indispensable role in a child’s life as true education transcends all boundaries and entails preparation for life.

At DPS Civil Lines, we earnestly strive to provide holistic education by fostering the spirit of vibrant and vivacious learning in a safe, secure and child friendly environment. Our approach is totally child centric with focus on academic excellence, life skills and personality development.

We are passionate about inculcation of free thinking and encourage our students to enquire experiment, explore and achieve in all domains. We seek to create not miracles but happy, empowered and enriched lives, to teach not facts but foster the spirit of enquiry in the young impressionable minds. We promote sensitivity and keen involvement of students with society and environment, thus shaping the students under our care into worthy and successful individuals.

We constantly strive to provide an ideal and dynamic learning environment to enable the children to evolve to the best of their abilities. The school implements the latest pedagogical practices and provides ample opportunities for creative pursuits to ensure holistic development of the children under our care.

We solicit your cooperation and support in our endeavour to bring out the latent potential in your child and enable your child to become confident, competent, independent, creative and successful global citizen with virtues of head, heart and character.
We perceive you as partners in educating your ward and look forward to your valuable support and lifetime association.


Profound regards

Rajani Singh