School today in no longer confined to class room instruction. We believe that school is about more than academic lessons and qualifications. Many of the most important lessons are those which students learn as part of team games, cross fertilizations of ideas, competitions and collaborative work.

To pave the way for such non-cognitive learning we organize a variety of competitions and cultural events which also support formal learning. A sense of belonging and loyalty are promoted in the students by dividing them into four different houses namely, Ganga, Chenab, Ravi & Chenab. Inter house competitions such as debate, recitation, fancy dress, group song, folk dance, rangoli, art and craft etc. provide learning experiences which enrich the educational and social development of the students.

Special morning assemblies arranged house wise on rotational basis is a forum for the students to address a large audience and express themselves. Every student is encouraged to participate indiscriminately with the intention of nurturing and developing inner talents. Conducting activity clubs allows the learners to pursue any interest of their choice.

Hand in hand with class-room education, such events provide the students with an chance to be part of a broad spectrum of activities which further the development of the “Complete Being”.

  • In continuation with the exercise to create awareness among the students about disaster management, a ‘Mock Fire and Evacuation Drill’ involving students and teachers, was conducted at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh on 15 April 2024. It was for the students of all classes up to XII, to bring awareness among them about the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situations & Fire–Fighting Techniques. A demonstration of using fire safety equipments was conducted by Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Chief Fire Officer (CFO) with his expert team members.

    The ‘evacuation’ operation began after the fire alarm alerted the students. They were immediately evacuated from their classrooms and asked to gather at the assembly ground. Keeping all the safety measures, the entire building was successfully evacuated within 4 minutes. Mr. Sanjeev Singh, CFO, shared simple and easy guidelines to follow safety tips with the students, teachers and especially with the drivers of the school buses. He explained the execution of the fire extinguishers and spoke of the Do’s and Don’ts in case of fire. Some students were even called on stage to operate fire extinguishers independently.

    Mock drill was monitored by the respected principal of the school, Ms Rajani Singh. She addressed that the mock drill was carried out in the school to prepare students and teachers for any such unforeseen situations. She also suggested the students about the certain precautions to be taken care of at the time of emergency.

    Thus the session proved to very informative and an imperative lesson on life-saving skills.

  • WELCOME ASSEMBLY 2024 - 25
  • “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will”

    As the sun begins its ascent, marking the dawn of a new day, DPS Civil lines Aligarh embarked on its new academic journey with determination and zeal to welcome the students to enlightening morning assembly.

    The sacred moment of prayer is to express gratitude and seek blessings from the omnipotent which was done by the respected principal madam of DPS Civil lines. Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom and Ms.Bijayani Nayak initiated Saraswati Vandana to enlighten all with the spirit of knowledge.

    Each day comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. An inspiring thought can be the catalyst that drives us to approach the day with enthusiasm and purpose. Ms. Neetu Singh ignited the flame of inspiration by sharing the thought of the day.

    Pledging is more than a ritual. It’s a promise we make to ourselves and to our community. A commitment to uphold our duties, values, and principles and Ms. Tanya Verma presented the pledge.

    Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
    Honesty is the cornerstone of a strong moral foundation.
    Compassion is the bridge that connects us to the suffering of others.
    Kindness is not a weakness, but a strength of character.
    Respect for others is a reflection of your own self-worth.

    Ms. Krati Varshney talked about the moral values with the students to make the aware of the do’s and don’ts of life.

    Music is so powerful is because it shapes deep connections with our emotions. there is always a song for whatever happens in our life.The very talented and wonderful teachers presenteda beautiful and melodious welcome song for the students.

    In the realm of education, the role of a school principal is one of profound importance and to ignite the young minds honourable principal Ms. Rajani Singh addressed the assembly with the enriching words of knowledge and wisdom.Shealso guided the students to practice kindness, uphold our pledges, and strive for excellence in all that they do.
    The assembly was concluded by singing of the national anthem.

  • 'Arise, awake and stop not until the goal is reached'. This quote reflects Swami Vivekananda's emphasis on self realisation, fearlessness, and the potential for spiritual growth. His teachings continue to inspire individuals to lead a life of purpose, compassion and self discovery. Keeping this in mind, in memory of Swami Vivekananda, as per the guidelines of CBSE, Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh celebrated 'National Youth Day' on 12 January 2024 under the program 'Pariksha Pe Charcha'.

    A bouquet of activities like "Marathan run, Music competition, Meme competition, Nukkad Natak, Poster Making competition, Yoga-cum- meditation sessions, Talks during school assembly, Songs by students" were carried out from 12th to 23rd January at school level in which so many students of various classes participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

    Students were encouraged and motivated by the teachers and they took active part in all the activities. They took selfies of their participation and posted it on social media with hashtags.

  • DPS Civil Lines Aligarh celebrated Makar Sankranti and Aditya Mission on 15 January 2024 to elucidate the cultural importance of Makar Sankranti while highlighting their intricate connections with solar science. As we approach the festive season celebrating the cultural diversity and heritage of our nation, it becomes important for our school children to understand the significance of festivals like Makar Sankranti, and its celebration across nation. Thus, our students participated in various activities on this occasion to enlighten our young generation about India’s diversity, cultural heritage and solar science. Makar Sankranti celebration included Essay writing completion on the topic Around the sun, Makar Sankranti / Achievements of the Aditya Mission

    The winners were as follows:

    Position Student Name Class & Sec.
    1st Anu Yadav 9A
    2nd Kulsum Fatima Ali 9A
    3rd MugdhUpadhyay 9D
    Position Student Name Class & Sec.
    1st Pranjali 11A
    2nd Mritunjay Chaudhary 11A
    3rd SiyaMaheshwari 11C

    Group activities like Bonfire and Kite flying was also organized to symbolize joy, celebration, and the victory of good over evil. In festivals like Makar Sankranti, bonfire can symbolize the worship of the sun, marking the transition to longer days and warmer weather.

    Vedansh Dutt Pandey of class 9C sang a beautiful song on the theme Makar Sankranti and Bani Vagotra of class 11C presented a solo giddha dance performance which truly imbibed vibrant colours to the celebration.

    A Seminar by Physics department was also conducted to elaborate the success of Aditya mission to our nation’s commitment and to explore the depths of our solar system’s core, which also holds significant practical implications in forecasting space weather, improving satellite communications, and propelling technological advancements forward.

    The success of the Aaditya mission can also spark inspiration among the next generation of scientists and space enthusiasts among our students igniting an innate passion for the realms of solar science and space exploration. Overall it was a fruitful session, all the students, teachers enjoyed a lot under the guidance of our honorable Principal Madam. Students were also encouraged and motivated for future aspects and exploring themselves in various fields of science.

  • On 22nd December 2023, DPS Civil Lines Aligarh celebrated Christmas Day with great fervor and enthusiasm. The school was adorned with a joyful and festive atmosphere. The day kicked off with a special assembly, where the significance and history of Christmas were shared with the students. The assembly also included musical performances, and carol singing, which added to the festive mood. The students showcased their talents and creativity, bringing the essence of Christmas to life through their performances. A highlight of the celebration was the arrival of Santa Claus, who made a grand entrance amidst cheers and excitement from the children. Santa distributed sweets, bringing smiles and delight to the faces of the young learners. The jolly old man in the red suit added a touch of magic and wonder to the occasion, creating unforgettable memories for the students.

    The Christmas Day celebration at DPS Civil Lines Aligarh was not only the time of celebration but also to time of giving and sharing and therefore our beloved Principal ma'am Ms. Rajani Singh ma’am gave us all a reminder of the values of compassion, kindness, and generosity, instilling in the students the importance of spreading joy and goodwill.

    Overall, the Christmas celebration at DPS Civil Lines Aligarh was a heartwarming and unforgettable event that brought together the entire school community in a spirit of love, joy, and togetherness. It was the day filled with laughter, merriment, and the true essence of Christmas, leaving everyone with cherished memories to carry forward.

  • Competitions play an important role in motivating students to perform and excel in various fields. Students gain substantial experience, showcase skills and it enhances their personal aptitude. For the same purpose, A few Intra Class Competitions were held on 25 October 2023 in Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh in which students of all classes took active part with great zeal and enthusiasm.

    For classes III-V, the competition was - ‘Origami Creations’. Students were given the choice to create it in their own way. For classes VI-VIII, the competition was ‘Bouquet Making’, For classes IX-X, the competition was ‘English Calligraphy’, For class XI, the competition was ‘E-Card Making’ on the theme 'Deepawali: The Festival of Lights' and for class XII it was based on ‘Sports Quiz’ in which 25 MCQ based questions were given to the students by the Sports Teachers.

    At the end, the students were judged on different parameters and criterias. Ms. Rajani Singh, Principal of DPS Civil Lines Aligarh, appreciated the efforts and the performances of the students. She motivated the students by saying that competitions bring out the hidden talent of the students so each and every student must participate in it.

  • Guru Nanak Jayanti & Constitution Day was celebrated on November 24 in Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh with great enthusiasm and zeal. This event was a witness of the active participation of all the students from classes VII to XII. The program was held at the school ground and the ground wore a festive look.

    The event commenced with a special assembly which was conducted by the students of Jhelum House. The Principal of the school Ms. Rajani Singh commenced the morning assembly with prayer. The compering was done by Nitya and Apsa, students of class X. The assembly was enriched with a beautiful thought and News Headlines. The students performed various cultural activities like Dance, Song and Recitation of a beautiful poem including Gurubani etc. The speech on Indian Constitution was delivered by Sara Hussain, a student of class IX.

    At the end, on this auspicious occasion, Ms. Rajani Singh, Principal, DPS Civil Lines Aligarh, addressed the gathering with her words of wisdom and appreciated the efforts and the performances of the students. The programme ended with National Anthem. Overall the event was a grand success.

  • A Special Assembly was held at Delhi Public Civil Lines Aligarh. The conduction was done by Ganga House. It was a vibrant and memorable event that celebrated the two significant occasions of Diwali and Children's Day. It brought together students, teachers, and staff in a spirit of unity and festivity.

    The assembly started with remembrance of Almighty by reciting prayer and thereafter a beautiful thought was presented by Nipun Sharma of class IX-D. A thoughtful Poem was recited by Kulsum Fatima of class IX-A. Melodious orchestra was played by the students. It was a bliss for everyone. The show stopper was a wonderful self-composed poem by Pratham Shrivastava of class 8-A

    The cultural performances included various dances, music, and skits performed by the students. These highlighted the diversity and richness of Indian culture and added a colorful touch to the celebration.A creative extravaganza of skit presentations pervaded the unique message of the ill-effects of crackers. It also promoted drive against child labour and kindness to all. All the participants rocked the show with the blend of cosmic tune and divine vision. Benevolent Principal madam inspired the ambience with her glorious persona. She highlighted the significance of Diwali Celebration.

    In her words of wisdom, she motivated the students to celebrate pollution-free Diwali. also wished all the children happiness and added that they arethe ‘Nation Builders’ as the future of the nation is vested in them. She expressed her hopethat they would lead the nation successfully to its growth and prosperity, assuring themthat they are loved and valued by all. A foot tapping number was presented by the teachers. A Mellifluous song was sung by the teachers.The assembly culminated with National anthem.

  • We at DPS Civil lines always believe that healthy competition inspires kids to do their best. When students compete they become more inquisitive, research independently, and learn to work with others. Keeping this in mind, we organized different competitions for the preprimary classes. We organized Field Event for classes PG to class Preparatory on October 18, 2023, students participated enthusiastically in the fun-filled field event. All the participants reached their concerned place.

    Racers were sprinting on the tracks with such speed it was almost possible to hear the zoom as they went past you. Class I and II students participated in “Best Recycle Product” and “Recycle Anchor Chart Making”. There are three R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To inculcate this concept in young mind we organized an Intra class Best Recycle Product competition for class I students and Recycle Anchor Chart making competition for class II. The students made creative, innovative and attractive products and chart. All the students participated in the competition with great enthusiasm. The students were made aware about three R's (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce) in our daily life. Overall the competition went on smoothly.

  • Under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society, a two-day literary festival 'Avirbhav 2023' was organized at Delhi Public School, Varanasi on 7th and 8th October. 240 students from about 60 schools participated in the festival under which various competitions like Impromptu speech, Script Writing, Sanskrit knowledge Quiz were organised. Nitya Jaiswal, a class 10 student of Delhi Public School Civil Lines, made everyone proud by securing the second position in the impromptu speech.  Mrs. Rajni Singh, the school Principal, congratulated all the students and wished them a bright future.

  • As we know, Dussehra is celebrated in diverse ways in different parts of our vast country, but the core value it signifies remains the same. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil – an important lesson for every student.

    A special assembly was organised by Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh. The same was conducted by Chenab House, one of the school communities out of four houses. The theme of the assembly was 'Victory of righteousness over evil'.

    The assembly started with the prayer led by Mrs. Rajani Singh, the Principal of the school followed by the soulful rendition by the school choir.

    Akrashi Jain and Shreeja Sharma of class XI did the successful compering of the event. Muhammad Saad of class XI shared the thought of the day highlighting the values of the festival. Garv Gupta of class IX recited a poem in Hindi to remind the importance of the celebration. Ina Khan of class X delivered the speech to appraise the assembly with real meaning of the occasion and encouraged to uphold the real significance. The school choir sang an inspirational song which filled the atmosphere with the sanctity of the time. A mesmerizing dance was also presented to showcase the essence of the festival.

    The Principal addressed the school and encouraged everyone to understand the need of the hour and celebrate the festival with its real sense.

    The assembly finally came to an end with the singing of the national anthem. The announcement of various activities was also done that were organised for different class levels.

  • As Swachhata Pakhwada is being observed from 1 st to 15 th September2023 under Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Jal Shakti and Government of India. Many activities were organized in DPS Civil Lines Aligarh to promote cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene. An ‘Inter House Soft Board Decoration Competition’, Intra class competitions and ‘Morning Assembly’ were held in the first fortnight of September for the students of classes III to XII. The theme of the competition was – Banning the use of single use plastic, mitigation of plastic pollution while adhering to 3 R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) principles. All the four houses, Chenab, Ganga, Jhelum and Ravi participated in the competition. The participants enthusiastically decorated the Soft Boards of their houses with an appealing message on pollution control and the banning of single use plastic. In this competition First position was secured by Chenab House while Second and Third positions were given to Jhelum and Ravi House respectively.

    Students and teachers also gathered in the ‘Morning Assembly’ to raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness and preserving the environment. On this occasion, various activities were conducted, including Oath taking, Speech, Nukkad Natak and Presentations, highlighting the need to reduce pollution, conserve resources and promote sustainable practices to make the environment cleaner and greener. The aim of the assembly was to inspire the students to become responsible stewards of the environment.

    At the end, Ms. Rajani Singh, Principal of DPS Civil Lines Aligarh, addressed the gathering and said that the event was a testament to the school's commitment to promote cleanliness and instilling these values in the students. It was an engaging and informative way to promote a clean and healthy environment. She also appreciated the efforts and the performances of the students. Overall the event was a grand success.

  • “I believe in exposing children to as many hobbies and extracurricular activities as possible”

    Vishwanathan Anand

    Extracurricular activities play an important role in the overall personality development of a person. Keeping this in view an Inter House Decoupage Competition for the students of class III to V and Chess Competition for the students of class VI to VIII was organized in Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh. Students from all four houses viz. Chenab, Ganga, Jhelum & Ravi participated in the competitions. Students presented their creativity skills in the decoupage competition by decorating different pieces using paper cutouts. The competition was judged by Senior Mistress Ms. Ankur Pathak as well as Ms. Vandana Sharma, Art Teacer. First position was secured by Jhelum House and second position was shared by Chenab and Ravi House.

    Inter House Chess Competition provided a platform to the students to improve their logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving. Students were highly enthusiastic and were all geared up to beat their opponents in nail-biting matches. The competition was judged by Mr. Mangal Singh Vagotra and Ms. Farkunda Hafeez. In boys category, first position was secured by Chenab House. Ravi House won second position and Ganga House remained at third position. In girls category Chenab House won the first position Ganga was at second position while Ravi secured third position.

    Principal of the school, Ms. Rajani Singh, observed the artistic items prepared by students in the decoupage competition and appreciated their art and craft skills. She also applauded the winners of Chess Competition as it was indeed quite heart warming to see the children playing their moves like stalwarts with rapt concentration and collected demeanour.

  • DPS Civil Line had organized two competitions namely Carrom for class III to V and Rangoli Making for class VI to VIII at Inter-House level. Through this school endeavors to develop co-scholastic skills in students.

    In Carrom for the boys category Ravi House scored the First Position followed by Jhelum House at Second Position and Ganga House at Third Position. For the girls category Chenab House was at the First Position, Ganga House at Second Position and Jhelum at Third Position.

    In the Rangoli Making Competition Ganga House was at the First Position, Jhelum House at the Second Position and Ravi House at the Third Position.

    On the day of competition the participants and in-charges of all the four houses were actively involved with zeal and vigour.

  • Janmashtami celebration was organized by the students from PG to Class 6 at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh aimed to instill cultural values among the students through the celebration.

    On September 4, 2023 the school witnessed a vibrant Janmashtami celebration. The event commenced at beautifully decorated Sunken Court of the school. Students dressed up as Radha Krishna added to the fervor of the celebration. The event started with the prayer by Principal madam Ms. Rajani Singh. All the students and teachers felt the positivity and festive vibe in the prayer too. The students presented speechand poemdedicated to lord Krishna . The heartfelt performances showcased the students' love and enthusiasm towards their culture.Various cultural performances were organized by our nestling nippers. They all tapped their feet on the vibrant music and enjoyed completely.

    Later , Principal madam also fueled all the children with zeal to be attached to our own roots and she enlightened all the students about the importance of Janamashtmi by mentioning Lord Krishna. She told students about his valuable moral teachings. All the children were very excited and they have enjoyed the various events held in Janmashtami special assembly.

  • “The paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between a brother and sister remains ever strong”

    A special assembly on ‘Raksha Bandhan’ was conducted with great zeal and enthusiasm at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh. Sayed Yasir Ahmed, student of class VI, conducted the assembly on behalf of Ravi House to expose the importance of the festival. The assembly commenced by invoking the blessings of Lord with a prayer and was enriched with a wonderful thought, Pledge, Virtue, a melodious song and a beautiful dance performance based on the theme of the festival. Some verses were also recited by the student on the occasion of ‘Sanskrit Day’.

    At the end, on this auspicious occasion, Ms. Rajani Singh, Principal, DPS Civil Lines Aligarh, addressed the gathering by congratulating all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan and appreciated everyone’s efforts. She also highlighted the importance of the festival and asked the people to celebrate this festival ,symbolizing the love of brothers and sisters, together with love, joy and happiness.

  • “Words are seeds that do more than blow around They land in our hearts and not the ground Be careful what you plant and careful what you say You might have to eat what you planted one day”

    The power of a good speech cannot be undermined. Keeping this in view an Inter House Declamation competition was organized in Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh.The competition was for the students of group C i.e. from IX to XII.Students of all four houses viz. Chenab, Ganga, Jhelum and Ravi displayed their oratory talent by declaiming famous speeches of great orators and leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. Subhash Chandra Bose, Atal Bihari Vajpayi, Narendra Modi and Sushma Swaraj. It was a treat to hear all the participants delivering the speeches with keen enthusiasm and perfection. Competition was judged by Principal Ma’am Ms. Rajani Singh, Vice Principal sir Mr. Sharad Agrawal and Ms. Rashmi Vashisht. Aatashi Verma of the Jhelum House secured the first position as she powerfully delivered the speech of Sushma Swaraj, Parth Maheshwari of Ganga House won the second prize for presenting the speech of Atal Bihari Vajpayi and Dhanya Singh of Ganga House was given the third prize for presenting the speech of Sushma Swaraj.

    Principal Ma’am Ms. Rajani Singh applauded all the participants and appreciated the winners. She motivated the students to be sincere and diligent in academics and activities to achieve success in all spheres of life.

  • The most awaited Students Council Investiture Ceremony held on 5th August 2023 at DPS Civil Line Aligarh to encourage and kindle leadership qualities in our young prodigies.

    The Students' Council for the session 2023-24 successfully inducted the newly elected and selected members of the school’s prefectorial board.

    Newly formed Council – President (Boy) - Yusuf Malik (XII) and President (Girl) - Sarah Noor (XII), Head Boy - Garvit Chaudhary (XII) and Head Girl - Aatashi Verma (XII), Vice-Head Boy and Vice-Head Girl along with Sports Captains, House Captains, Vice House Captains and Prefects were honoured by our honourable principal, Mrs Rajani Singh.

    Principal Madam administered the oath of allegiance to the newly appointed Students’ Council members, who swore to serve their Alma Mater with utmost sincerity and to the best of their abilities.

  • “It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it”

    An Inter School Debate Competition was organised at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh. The Topic of the Debate was Will Artificial Intelligence Take Away Jobs?

    The event commenced with the ceremonial lamp lighting, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge and the exploration of new ideas. A warm welcome address was given by the Head Girl expressing gratitude to all attendees for their presence and emphasizing the significance of addressing the question, "Will Artificial Intelligence Take Away Jobs? A motivating song was presented by the school choir. There were six participating school.

    A lively debate ensued, with participants divided into teams presenting arguments for and against the proposition. The teams were well prepared and undoubtedly convinced the audience of their beliefs and views. Participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions and voice modulation. They exhibited great oratory skill. The competition was an enthralling experience for the speakers as well as the audience.

    The Judgement was given by MS Rajani Singh, Principal DPS Civil lines along with Richa Maheshwari of Brilliant Public school and Mr. Kapil Dev Bhardwaj from BLUE BIRD PUBLIC SCHOOL.

    The Principal of the school Ms Rajani Singh shared her perspective on the topic . Her insight provided a deeper understanding of the complexities involved and shed light on potential strategies to harness AI for societal benefit. She appreciated the participants' research skills, critical thinking, and presentation skills.

    The Result of the competition are as follow:

    • Winners Trophy was Vanquished by Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh the participants were Atashi Verma and Yusuf Malik.
    • The First Runner UP Trophy was bagged by Brilliant Public School the Participants were Ananya Bhardwaj and om Tathagat.
    • Second Runner up trophy was secured by Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Sia Kela and Kaishka.
    • Best Interjector trophy was bagged by Yusuf Malik of Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh.

    All participants were awarded certificates, acknowledging their active participation.

    A heartfelt vote of thanks was delivered by Gauri Seth to all participants, judges, and attendees for their valuable contributions to the event. The collective effort in discussing this pertinent issue was acknowledged as a crucial step towards building a more informed and prepared workforce for the future.

    The event concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.

  • SUMMER CAMP 2023-24
  • The summer camp organized by Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh came to an end with a closing ceremony on the last day of the camp. The ceremony was held in the school ground on 25th May 2023.

    The event began with a welcome speech followed by a brief overview of the summer camp activities and achievements. The beloved Principal Ms. Rajani Singh was welcomed by the gathering.

    She congratulated all the participants for successfully completing the summer camp. She also applauded the efforts and dedication of the camp instructors who had worked hard to make it a memorable experience for the participants.

    The participants then presented their performances which they had been preparing during the camp. The performances included Octave Yoga , Orchestra, Karaoke along with the exhibition of Art and Craft, pottery, jewellery and handmade puppets.

    The students shared their views on Summer Camp.

    In the end, certificates were distributed by Principal Ms. Rajni Singh to all the participants to acknowledge their participation in the summer camp. The participants expressed their gratitude to the school and teachers for providing them with a memorable and enriching experience.

    Overall, the closing ceremony of the summer camp at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh was a grand success, and it provided an excellent platform for the participants to learn, explore, and showcase their talents and skills.

  • “A bright future is nothing more than a combination of determination, optimism, and self-assurance”

    Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh organised a Parents Orientation Programme on 20th May 2023.

    The orientation was done to aquaint all the new parents anout the working of the school.

    The session was full of detailed information about the school,its teaching learning process, extra curricular activities, assessment and much more. Along with theoretical knowledge a baggage of different activities was also opened that includes session on Phonics in English, poem in Hindi and story telling method to give moral values or to explain the topics of Environmental studies. It was a big hit as the parents and children enjoyed the session and ended knowing us ( DPS Civil Lines) more.

    The most important aspect was considered by the faculty was the parenting style , nutrition and mental health of the children.

    The principal of the school, Ms Rajani Singh in her message said that we, at DPS Civil Lines, are committed to helping each student develop into a responsible, educated, and well-rounded individual.

    The programme ended on a good note and feedback ofthe parents. It even helped parents to interact with the faculty that created a healthy relationship among all of us

  • Cyber Security for Children has received much attention and has become a rapidly growing topic due to increased availability of the Internet to children and their consequent exposure to various online risks. Children today spend a substantial amount of time online for either educational purposes or for entertainment. Given their age, it is difficult for them to access the opportunities and risks of using the internet and digital systems. Sometimes they do not realize the dangers until it is too late. Thus, they can easily fall victim to online abuses. Security awareness and practices can help them prevent or mitigate losses from Cyber security risks.

    Keeping this in mind DPS Civil Lines in collaboration with Amar Ujala has organizied a campaign – ‘Nayi Disha’, for the students of class XII to make them aware about the impact of mobile and internet usages in daily life.

    Ms Neelam Sharma- DSP- Cyber Crime, Dr Antara Mathur- Psychiatrist, Mr Samar Pal Singh- SI- Cyber Police Station, Aligarh were there in DPS Civil Lines campus to guide the students about the judicious usages of Mobile phones and Cyber Security

    After an initial briefing with Principal Ma’am- Ms Rajani Singh, the resource person started the session. Ms Neelam Sharma- DSP- Cyber Crime and Mr Samar Pal Singh- SI- Cyber Police Station,Aligarh made students aware of various cybercrimes associated with mobile phones and social media and suggested ways to prevent them. Dr Antara Mathur informed students about the correct use of mobile phones and discussed mental health. Queries were answered during the session and all the required information and helpline numbers were also shared with the students.

    At the end of the session, Principal Ma’am presented mementos as token of thanks to the guest speakers.

    It was indeed a very informative and interactive session for the students.

  • Red Cross Day and Mother’s Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Delhi Public School Civil Lines Aligarh. Students were imparted information and the reason about why it is celebrated worldwide on this special day.

    The assembly began with Prayer to invoke the blessings of the divine. The children were acknowledged with the seven principles of Red Cross and what they mean.

    A very interesting Skit was presented by the students to cultivate the knowledge about basic, First aid rules in critical situation and how to deal with an emergency situation amongst the students. The audience was enthralled by the performance.

    A melodious song was presented by the school choir which sang the importance of Blood donation. A pledge was taken by all the students to make them feel proud of their country and nationality.

    The winners of IGKO olympiad were honoured with medals and certificates.

    "Mothers love –a brilliant GEM to be treasured.” A wonderful quote was presented in the speech to spread the essence of Mother’s. The assembly culminated with The National Anthem.

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