Workshop Insights

  • A one day workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Happy Classroom was conducted on 28 th June 2023 by Centre of Education, CBSE, Noida. The programme/workshop was organised in the premises of Delhi Public School Civil Lines. The theme of the workshop was how to make the classrooms happy and conducive.

    The resource person of the workshop was Mrs Sonu Nayyar from Delhi Public School, Mathura Refinery. There were about 60 participants who participated in the workshop and were benefitted.

    The workshop started with a formal welcome of the Resource person. It was followed by lightning of lamp.

    There were overall four interactive sessions wherein the participants were engaged in lots of discussions and activities.

    The first session of the workshop was Self Awareness wherein the participants were engaged in reflecting exercises. The session helped everyone to understand emotional intelligence and its regulations.

    The second session was on self regulation that is defining behaviour and misbehaviour, reasons for misbehaviour and Functional Behavior Analysis like identifying, collecting information, categorizing the the behaviour, planning intervention and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan.

    The third session dealt with the ways to foster happiness in classrooms and adopting benefits of storytelling approach.

    The fourth session make the participants significance and usage of total physical response and its related activities. This session also told about designing of Mood Meter with various activities.

    There were tea breaksand lunch breakin between the sessions to help teachers to refresh themselves and energise them.

    The workshop was winded up by vote of thanks given by Mr Sharad Agarwal, the Vice Principal of the school. Group photographs were also taken to make the gathering and event memorable.

    All the participants expressed their gratitude towards the school management and COE, CBSE for the conduction of the fruitful event.

  • DPS Civil Lines Aligarh conducted one day workshop on 'Capacity Building Programme on Life Skill (Basics)' on 19th April 2023. About 50 teachers have participated in the workshop. The motive of the workshop was to have real holistic development of the students.

    Mrs Rajani Singh, the Principal of DPS Civil Lines Aligarh, welcomed the resource persons and the workshop attendees. Mrs Ranjeeta Rani, the Principal of MLZS Agra and Mr Ankit Gandhi, Associate, MLZS Agra were the resource persons of the workshop.

    Mrs Ranjeeta led the session in an interactive way by introducing various skills of life that can be taught to the students at the school level. She further made everyone aware of the ways and techniques of developing and enhancing life skills.The training equipped the teachers to acknowledge and develop some basic life skills of self awareness, empathy, problem solving, decision making, effective communication, interpersonal relations, creative thinking, critical thinking, coping with emotions and coping with stress, among their students. Various activities were conducted that helped in enhancing the Life Skills. They learned how to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of life.

    The workshop was able to develop ability to communicate and collaborate, along with personal and social responsibility that contribute to good citizenship – all essential skills for success in the 21st century, both for healthy societies and for successful and employable individuals.

    At the end the participants were given Certificate of Participation issued by CBSE.and a group photograph. Mr Sharad Agarwal, the Vice-Principal if the school gave vote of thanks and concluded the workshop.

  • Odissi exponent Ms Sanchita Banerjee, who performed under the aegis of Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY), during an Odissi Workshop organized at DPS Civil lines Aligarh, left the staff and students spellbound with her scintillating recital. Ms Banerjee taught the students the nuances of Odissi in a workshop.

    Interacting with students, Ms Banerjee said that India is a land of various cultures, with each culture possessing its own set of dances, which depicted the lifestyles of people of the states with which they are associated. Interacting with the students, she said that one of the eight dance forms of India, Odissi is the oldest surviving dance form of the country.

    Starting with ‘Mangalacharan’ (an invocation piece), she proceeded to perform a ‘Pallavi’ (pure dance performance- accompaniment of a raga and characterized by eye movements, body postures and she intricated footwork). “Seeing her perform was like watching sheer poetry in motion,” said the staff and students. The danseuse also acquainted the audience with the various nuances of the ancient dance, besides its history.

    Mrs. Rajani Singh, Principal, DPS Civil lines Aligarh, said that Ms Sanchita Banerjee was initiated into Odissi dance by Smt Sharmila Biswas and Sh. Alok Kanungo. She has learnt Odissi under Shri Ratikanta Mohapatra and Smt. Sujata Mohapatra. Ms Sanchita has successfully toured and enthralled audiences with her performances in various parts of the world.

    Stating that the students gained several valuable insights into various facets of the dance, She added that the aim of SPIC MACAY is to bring students closer to these ancient dance forms, not just to preserve and promote them, but also to use these as an instrument to help students emerge as balanced and sensitive individuals.

  • The workshop on  Personal Effectiveness was organised by Oxford University Press on 5th November , 2022. The resource person for this workshop was Mrs Vinita Sareen. It  was attended by around 120 teachers from DPS Agra Road Aligarh, DPS Hathras and DPS Civil Lines Aligarh.

    In today's scenario when stress management is a crucial skill to master the participant teachers of all the three DPS wings learnt about NEP 2020 and its salient features, and about personal effectiveness.

    Through practical approach participants acquired concrete methods to improve their ability to prevent and manage work-related and personal stress and managing stressful situations. The programme also had hand-on group exercises and activities related to identify the causes of stress, its effects, strategies to manage stress.

    The Principal DPS Civil lines, said that personal effectiveness techniques can teach an individual healthier ways to manage  stress and help to reduce its harmful effects. This will therefore, enables to maintain life’s quality and vitality. " The Vice Principal  of DPS Civil Lines delivered Vote of Thanks.

  • DPS Civil Lines, Aligarh organised a Summit for the parents of classes VI-IX also on the Topic ‘Learning and Parenting Styles’ in collaboration with Extramarks on 27th August 2022.

    Parents of classes VI - IX along with their children attended the workshop, discussed their queries and enriched their style of parenting with the tips given by the resource person Mr. Himanshu Sharma.

    All in all parents were happy and gratified to know more about the parenting styles required for the age group of 14-16. Parents took part in the session with zeal and gusto and participated with the queries on Time Management, seeking opportunities to participate and deciding what's best for the learning and growing children.

    The Principal, Ms. Rajani Singh addressed the parents and said that these sessions help to create better understanding between parents and school and together we can find the strengths and need of our children to solve their challenges.

  • With class XII coming to the conclusion, moving towards the next phase of life can be distressing for many students as they need to take a decision for their career. Transitioning from school to college can decide the fate of an individual’s whole career. Often many of them feel confused in the world full of career choices. At such a crucial juncture of life, receiving reliable career guidance can define the path that lay ahead. The advice of an expert, a counsellor, who can help them in choosing a vocational direction to walk upon, to achieve their dream goals can be very useful. A counsellor can assist them to decide their future course of action, helping them to gain confidence to pursue their dream career, as per their own potential.

    Keeping this in mind a career Conversations and Transition Workshop has been organised in DPS, Civil Lines Aligarh for class XII students. Mr. Ayushman vatsh, who has an experience of working as an advocate in Pune District Court and Bombay High Court as well as an experience of teaching in Rabindranath Tagore University Department of Law and Dr Monika Goel who is Dean Faculty of Commerce in Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies were there in DPS Civil Lines campus to guide and counsel students for their future career path.

    After an initial briefing with the Principal Ma’am - Ms. Rajni Singh, the resource persons - Mr. Ayushman Vatsh and Dr Monika Goel started the session. The students had been advised and enlightened with the information and tips through a PowerPoint presentation, on the following topics: Crafting Careers in times of Covid 19, Research and Knowledge Skill Sets for Job Market Analysis, Global Opportunities & Threats before selecting the Right Career, Financial Support to the students in time of Covid by Corporates from India.

    Queries were answered during this session and all the required information, weblinks were also shared with the students. At the end of the session, Vote of Thanks was given by Vice Principal Sir.

    It was indeed a very informative and interactive session for the students!

  • “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

    Encouraging teachers to develop their own set of life skills and use them to prepare the youth to face the challenges effectively, an interactive day long capacity building programme on life skills (revised) work was organised by CBSE-COE NOIDA at DPS Civil Lines Aligarh. On 6 th of August. There were 39 participants from various schools. The resource person was Mr. Alok Edward Principal Delhi World Public School Agra

    Life skills – as the word describes, are the abilities required to effectively deal with demands and challenges of life. Students and teachers both require life skills to lead a happy life with a positive attitude that enables them to become an engaged member of the society. But, what sprouts as a gap here is the mismatch between what students learn during lessons and what they face outside the classrooms. Teachers’ often land up in situations where it becomes difficult for them to understand the special needs of children as they prepare them for the life ahead.

    The opening session was warm and attractive where the need to transform basic core values in the young generation was discussed. In the later sessions simple yet meaningful techniques and activities to highlight the need and importance of cooperation, interaction, decision making, leadership skills, duties of a global citizen etc. were discussed with the help of activities

    The workshop was interactive, enlightening and based on inculcating many life skills. The major take away of the session was the idea the Principal Ms Rajani Singh also stressed that the school life which includes mainly the students and the teachers must bring about a revolution in the global society by enriching the empowering the young minds with essential basic core values of life.

  • “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”- Confucius

    Believe it or not, the students of class XII are at a great point of their lives right now. They have their whole life in front of them. And now, is the right time for them – to start thinking about their future, to make some initial but vital plans about what they would like to do after class XII. So many questions pop up in their mind while they struggle to decide their career path. There they need the help of an expert, a counsellor, who can help them in choosing a vocational direction to walk upon, to achieve their dream goals. A counsellor can assist them to decide their future course of action, helping them to gain confidence to purse their dream career, as per their own potential.

    Keeping this in mind DPS Civil Lines- Aligarh, in collaboration with Entrance has organised a career counselling session on “21 st Century Careers” for class XII students.

    After initial briefing with the Principal madam Ms. Rajni Singh, Mr. Hemant Bisht and Ms. Nidhi (representatives from Entrance started the session. The sudents had been advised and enlightened with the information and tips through a PowerPoint presentation, regarding the latest careers in various streams. Queries were answered during this session and all the required information, weblinks were also shared with the students. At the end of the session, Vote of Thanks was given by Vice Principal Sir.

    It was indeed a very informative and interactive session for the students!

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